FOUR YEARS. Who would have believed it? Precious few. If you are a first-time visitor to Storyboard4 you are welcome. No … genuinely … ignore the forsakes … You are genuinely welcome.

CHECK OUTOne rule for UKIP …” and UK poverty IS a national disgrace …from Jayne Linney

The site increases its number of ‘followers’ by a ‘hand-full’ every month; the number of visitors has grown considerably of late. Yet, very few comments are left. Don’t be shy. If you like the material we publish then it would be nice — heart-warming even — to hear you say so. If you think it’s crap or have suggestions then, again, it would be good to hear from you. Of course, in relation to the later, we might ignore you or sulk. Nevertheless, Storyboard4 implores its readers, visitors and followers to comment. And please tell your friends (and even your sworn enemies, if you’re that desperate) about Storyboard4.

Storyboard4 is a radical, progressive media collective that spills its bleeding heart out to … local charities and campaigns who seek our assistance. We help them speak; click on “sales talk” above for the full frontal.

But, let us guess, that is not why you are here. You want dirt, gossip and … Well, you may have come to the right place. There is only one condition: you have to be serious about your ‘punishment and reward’. Entrance to Storyboard4 is free; escape is expensive. We are like nits; we grow on you. Think about it.

Current phlegm can be found above. Unfortunately, everyone involved has to make their meagre living doing something else. If we could guarantee a living from this you could no doubt expect spittle 24 hours a day. We wouldn’t want that would we?

Alongside the ever-so-important posts we have regular columns:

• The Lounger diaries: world-famous, utterly puerile, award-winning even (but we don’t like to boast). Click on the menu above or here.

    Paws4thought: two cool cats chew the Tuna. They are not “aristocats”; they are proletariacats. And … “Miaoooow!” How do they pass the time in Feline-land?. Menu above or here.

    “We’ve met Lord Lucan”: two crabby, philosophical “do-gooders” who’ve seen it all, been there and … They live in their own world. Should you choose to share their philanthropic life then it’s the menu item or here.

    Storyboard4 endeavours to maintain an ethical editorial policy, drawing on the experience and practice of other online publishers. If you wish to propose a post or other idea we can contacted by email.

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